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The Beaverton Bicycle Club was established in 1972 by former Olympian Chuck Richards. Chuck coached and led a small group of talented racers into large personal achievements & even National level successes. With this foundation and Chuck’s assistance, Coach Phil Sanders has guided the club since about 1976. Along the way, members have achieved over 450 state medals & some 81 national medals. Just in the last three years, a couple of our Junior racers have been awarded 22 national medals. A high level of personal achievement is not uncommon with our former racers.

You can check on our alumni at www.bbcbike.com BBC keeps a stock of track bikes, some road & cyclocross bikes & race wheels to lend to members for training & racing. BBC also makes use of the Project Room in the Bingo Building for the four month indoor winter training period. This is done from December to April 1st. After the three day a week winter training sessions it is on to the track for two day a week sessions. Sunday training rides begin in January & are done whenever there is no race.

Besides loaning bikes & equipment, the club tries to provide financial support to our first priority, Junior National Championships. This has amounted to over $30,000. In addition we keep a stock of Continental tires for purchase at cost. Income has come from our volunteer participation in Sunset Bingo plus our race promotions. Members & parents do volunteer duty at Sunset Bingo each Friday night and this is our chief source of revenue.

Our sponsors support us with funds, web service, race prizes, & team pricing for all our cycling needs. In addition members receive free coaching. For all the benefits, members are expected to participate regularly in both training & racing, wear the team kit, ride the team bike if possible, shop first at Bike N’ Hike & ask the coach about equipment & races. Members who have borrowed equipment are expected to keep it clean & in working order. If there is a problem with the equipment, bring it to the attention of the coach. Regular communication is a must.

Our racers represent Beaverton Bicycle Club & our sponsors.

Location: Portland, Oregon
Cycling Director: Phil Sanders
Contact: phil@bbcbike.com
Phone: 503-649-4632

The Bend Endurance Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to promote healthy living through active, outdoor experiences. We emphasize teamwork, personal growth and community responsibility.

Founded in 2009, our Cycling Team has programs for youth and juniors of all abilities and levels of commitment, making us one of the largest clubs in the West with over 300 participants in 2014. The majority of our rides are mountain biking, but we also have road and cyclocross teams. While our programs are generally for Central Oregon, we also run Camps and Trips that are open to juniors from outside our area so they can join with their peers, learn from professional coaches and attend events with the important support of a team.

Joining a junior team is the first step in a young rider’s development; training and racing then develop naturally once riders reach a level of confidence with their skills and when they feel supported by their teammates and coaches.

“Once juniors find a supportive team they really begin to identify as cyclists,” says Cycling Director Bill Warburton. “Then we do everything we can to connect our team with other teams, other coaches, and participate in the community as much as possible. This support and networking is crucial for the growth of cycling in the US.”

Check out the Academy’s Cycling Team page for a list of their programs, camps, special events and trips.

Location: Bend, Oregon
Cycling Director: Bill Warburton
Contact: bill@bendenduranceacademy.org

The mission of PDX Devo is to foster health and community building skills for children and young adults through the sport of cycling. Honesty, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and holistic wellness are among the core values of the program. These values are paramount to the program and developed through the sport of cycling. PDX Devo riders participate in a full range of disciplines including all aspects of road cycling, cyclocross, track, various mountain-bike disciplines and BMX. Our riders ages range from 10-18 years.

We offer riders a variety of skills courses to help them become more comfortable and confident on the bike, as well as a host of core cardio conditioning sessions to help riders achieve better overall strength and fitness. In addition we strive to achieve our mission through a series of classes to round out the cycling experience on and off the bike including stretching routines, breathing techniques, balance drills, nutrition information sessions, bike mechanics and more. Through these experiences we believe riders have the opportunity to enjoy learning all aspects of the exciting sport of cycling that they can continue throughout their lives.

Location: Portland, Oregon
Cycling Director: Steven Beardsley
Contact: steven@pdxdevo.com